Online Payments

Star Property Management is happy to announce that it has enlisted the services of PayLease, one of the country's leading payment processors for Home Owner Association payments, to handle the processing of electronic payments for all associations serviced by Star Property Management.

Once you register and setup an account with PayLease you will be able to sign onto the Paylease system and make your HOA payments online.  PayLease is able to accept credit card, debit card, and electronic check payments through their secured system.

First time users will need to register with the PayLease system and establish an account and secure password.  From then on you simply log-on, enter your password, and quickly and securely process your electronic payment.  Click on the MAKE PAYMENT button above to get started.  The link will transfer you to the PayLease system.  Please note, a convenience fee is charged to process payments through the PayLease system.


Click the appropriate link below to access your associations page:


     - Applewood

     - Bald Eagle Point

    - Crestwood Estates

    - Deserthawk

    - Dunham Commons

    - Gladstone

    - Harrisburg Place

    - Haven

    - Monument Ridge Ranch

    - Mooncreek Cove

    - Pioneer Estates

    - Shooting Comet

    - Stag's Crossing

    - View Ridge Estates

    - Villas at Crystal Creek


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